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Shashe West Farms - CSA Veggie Box

CSA stands for community supported agriculture. What that means is that you pay your farmer a set amount in advance and they will grow food for you all throughout the growing season. This way the farmer knows how much food to grow.

Jeff Stoesz is our farmer of (uncertified) organic vegetables and herbs. He moved to Morden from Indiana a few years ago and started growing vegetables here in southern Manitoba. This is his absolute passion - growing flavourful and nutrient rich vegetables. I am not kidding, those veggies are exploding with flavour and goodness.

Jeff grows his veggies in Tinker Creek, a few miles south of Morden. He offers a vegetable box that you can either pick up once a week at our house in Morden or directly at his farm.

Spring: Diverse salad greens, spring onions, young carrots, beets.

Summer: Tomatoes, peppers, potatoes and always more greens.

Fall: Onions, garlic, melons, winter squash and root vegetables.

Medicinal herbs all the way.

If you are interested in biodynamically grown organic foods and supporting a sustainable small farm, contact Jeff at 431-774-6500 or

Jeff can support about 20 families right now, so don't wait too long. Cost is $500 for the season.


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