Pregnant Yoga

Pregnancy and Childbirth Course

Join us in one of the most comprehensive prenatal and childbirth classes to date!
This class is for moms-and dads-to-be.
It is an informative series of classes on labour & delivery preparation. It will give you in-depth knowledge about morning sickness, weight gain & cravings, pain cycles, coping mechanisms, stretches and exercises to prepare for birth. It discusses all stages of labour and delivery, breathing techniques, labour positions, monitoring of your baby, how to plan your birth, medical interventions, pain medications, c-sections, breastfeeding, bonding, the "fourth trimester", post-partum boundaries, self-care, recovery and life with a newborn.



1   - Introduction

2   - Morning sickness & Physical changes

3   - Nutrition & Weight gain

4   - Mental Preparations

5   - Exercise

6   - What a Doula does
7   - Anatomy
8   - Pain
9   - Stages of labour
10 - Coping mechanisms
11 - Breathing practice
12 - Water breaking & Contractions
13 - Planning for birth
14 - Monitoring your baby
15 - Medical & Natural Interventions
16 - C-Sections
17 - Your birth partner
18 - Nursing
19 - Setting boundaries after birth
20 - Self care
21 - Home Visits (Southern MB only)
22 - Summary




As a mother of two, Stacey has a decade of experience as a doula, pre-post-natal massage therapist and yoga teacher. She has worked with women in every stage of their pregnancy and birth, through postpartum care. Stacey is a board member of the College of Midwives of Manitoba (CMM) and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge.

DURATION: 4 hours

FEES: $120, e-transfer or paypal to

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Access granted for 12 months.

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