NEW WORKSHOP DATE:  FEB 12 & 13, 2021

PART 1: 7 hours of online video instructions (Anatomy, Physiology) online

Part 2: 14 hours in-class workshop to review Anatomy, Physiology and enter the cranial reality through palpation.

21 Primary Credits with MTAM

COST: $500

LOCATION: Morden Friendship Centre

DATES: January 12 & 13, 2021

This 21-hour program aims to introduce massage therapists to the cranial concept. In Osteopathy, cranial and cranial-sacral treatments are a fundamental part of looking at the health of the whole human being. This course consists of two parts. The first part is a series of online lectures that explain the Anatomy, Physiology and treatment approaches to the cranial bones. The second part is a two day hands-on workshop in class.

Part 1: Anatomy and Physiology of the Cranium (7 hrs Online Video Lectures)
Part one will teach you introductory knowledge to understand the anatomy of the cranium, it’s connection to the rest of the body and how to apply your knowledge in your daily hands-on practice. The knowledge is tailored to massage therapists.
You will also learn the anatomy of every cranial bone (except bones of the face), its relation to neighbouring bones, its function in the whole cranium and how you can help the body normalize this complex network of bones. Part one is taken via pre-recorded video lectures.

Part 2: Receptive state of the therapist and skills in palpation (14 hrs Class Lectures)
The most important part of learning a new manual skill, the second part will prepare your mind and body to become receptive to the small movements that your brain needs to learn to detect under your hands. A big part of this 2-day workshop will be focussing on your ability to become receptive, self-aware and grounded. We will review Anatomy and Physiology in class before we delve into hands-on practical training.

Both parts are absolutely necessary if you want to utilize the cranial reality: A fresh detailed knowledge of anatomy and preparing your body for the ability to let your hands receive near-silent messages and allow your brain to interpret them.