Prenatal & Childbirth Class

Welcome to Stacey's prenatal and childbirth course!

Hearing form her postpartum patients about a lack of emotional support and general information regarding pregnancy, labour, delivery and what to do with a newborn,  Stacey wanted to fill in the gaps with this course. 


This class is for moms-and dads-to-be. Join us in one of the most comprehensive prenatal and childbirth classes to date!

Stacey recorded  an informative series of classes on labour & delivery preparation. She gives you in-depth knowledge about morning sickness, weight gain & cravings, pain cycles, coping mechanisms, stretches and exercises to prepare for birth. She discusses all stages of labour and delivery, breathing techniques, labour positions, monitoring of your baby, how to plan your birth, medical interventions, pain medications, c-sections, breastfeeding, bonding, the "fourth trimester", post-partum boundaries, self-care, recovery and life with a newborn.



Additional PDFs for print

COST: $120

12 Months Access